About us

botanical aromatherapy Australia was founded by Miki Rodić in Midland 14 years ago. She started her journey into wellness and beauty as a natural therapist consulting with clients in Midland and Perth City for Massage, aromatherapy, Reflexlology, Facial Therapy, Clay Therapy and Herbal Medicine. She is also an instructor of her own school, (Botanical Clinical Aroma School). She is the first person to bring an educational aromatherapy school here to Perth, from Japan. She has not only given treatments and instruction to people but she has also spent the last ten years writing, educating and researching natural ingredients and the positive effects they have on skin, health and wellbeing. She is the author of 4 books, which are based on herbs and clinical aromatherapy, published in Japan. She has been involved in the Natural Therapies and Wellness industry for the past 25 years. It all began back in 1992 when she decided to study Medical Aromatherapy in France and Herbal Medicine in England.

She discovered her passion for aromatherapy whilst working as a researcher in a Major cosmetic company in Japan. Whilst working for this company, she had discovered that a large number of commercial skin care products contained potentially toxic ingredients. She thought that these products were helping her create beautiful skin; however, incidentally it may have actually been harmful to her skin in the long-term. From experiencing this and researching more about the harmful effects of petrochemical mineral oils and other synthetic ingredients, her passion for natural skin care products grew.

Upon her migration to Australia, as well as being inspired by the botanical power of pure essential oils, she commenced her study in Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology and CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). As her knowledge and interest in the field grew, she was disenchanted to discover the number of companies and products that were marketed as “aromatherapy”, which had no aroma therapeutic qualities or values whatsoever. In fact, they manufactured products that contained a myriad of harmful chemicals including synthetic fragrances. Miki’s passion for health turned into her own line (Pétalu and botanical Aromatherapy) of holistic skin care and healing products based on providing an effective alternative to big name brands.

Miki has continuously run a full-time practice for 13 years, seeing hundreds of clients in her clinic and going on out-calls to clients in hospitals. We believe you do not have to be sick or unwell to enjoy the benefits of Complementary Therapies. Miki has taken additional trainings and research to especially support clients in the following life stages:

• Pediatrics – newborns through adolescents

• The Childbearing Year – from fertility through postpartum

• Chronic Dis-ease – pain, insomnia, arthritis, autoimmune, diabetes, hypertension

• Women’s Health – menstrual and hormonal balancing, menopause, weight management


    Miki Rodić, Founder