About Miki Rodic

Life is a journey, with many interesting detours – and Miki has learned to trust her journey.

As a professional ballet teacher, crushed by a debilitating back injury, to a dedicated student badly hurt in an aerial yoga accident, Miki’s journey has been an inspiring and incredible one.

It’s certainly taken many twists and turns – but ultimately, has led her to where she is today.

At the age of three, Miki discovered a love for ballet and after years of practice and discipline, she qualified as a professional ballet teacher from Tokyo Ballet College. Eighteen years of Classical ballet practice and five years of dedicated teaching was sadly brought to a halt with a back injury.

But through her great strength – in her mind and body – she was determined to start her journey to recovery. 

Miki boldly decided to take another path and face her injury – she transformed her barre and elegant dance to the body alignment and mental focus of pilates and yoga.

Although the disciplines are very different, she blended the benefits of flexibility, strength and balance.

In 2017, Miki embarked on a career in yoga teaching but suffered a major setback. She fell whilst doing aerial yoga during a yoga teacher training course. She badly injured her neck, shoulders and hips. This devastating episode caused Miki a real physical and emotional challenge. 

Yet Miki learned how to ‘move’ again with the therapeutic effects of yoga and pilates, every morning. She fearlessly re-discovered that yoga and pilates was a fusion of mind-body fitness – and this was her ultimate goal for injury rehabilitation. 

During this time, she learnt that yoga has helped many people recover from their own injuries and with such determination she focused on her physical, mental, social and spiritual well being. 

As a qualified Complementary Practitioner, Health and well-being has always been the key factor for Miki, it has given her a great sense of meaning and purpose – especially since undergoing her own physical and emotional stress of her accident. 

She is also a writer – dedicated to educating and researching natural ingredients and the positive effects they have on skin, health and wellbeing. 

In fact, in Japan, her home-country, Miki is recognised as a well-known author – she has written 4 books, which are based on herbs and clinical aromatherapy. One of her published books, ‘Clinical Aromatherapy’ has gained her great accolade in Japan. 

Her love for the botanical power of natural therapies continues today at her now home – Perth based wellness clinic.

Unfortunately, Miki’s business was hit hard during COVID – and it became impossible to work with clients, particularly with aromatherapy and massage.

“Complementary therapies has been my career and passion for the last 25 years,” Miki said.

“But when COVID happened, it was incredibly hard to run my clinical aromatherapy business. It was devastating. 

“I have always loved yoga and pilates as a movement practice, so it seemed natural to focus and progress on my passion and turn it into a career.”

“Movement is everything,” Miki says.

“I was a classically trained Ballerina until I was 18 years old but then had to stop due to a back injury. But thankfully, pilates helped me get back on track. It helped to strengthen my core and allow my back to heal gently over a few years. 

“Anyone that has experienced a back injury can attest to how debilitating it is.” 

“After hurting my neck, shoulders and hips after an accident in aerial yoga a few years ago, I was worried about my recovery and confidence but I am now happy, and healthy, and incorporate yoga, pilates and movement into my everyday practice and have never looked back!”

Miki offers a perfect balance between building strength and stability and mindful movement and flow.

Miki says; “I want to spread how beneficial and healing pilates can be to my wellness clinic. I want to facilitate weekly classes for my clients to help get their bodies and minds back in check. I’m incredibly excited for the future, and what that brings.”

So, Miki’s journey continues.

Miki has a wealth of qualifications, which not only reflects her enthusiasm but also an expertise in the many areas of alternative medicine. 

She is a qualified, insured Practitioner, and have completed training in:

• Advanced Pilates Training

• Advanced Yoga Training

• Alignment Based Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

• Pre and Post natal Yoga Teacher

• Reformer Pilates Teacher

• Pilates Mat Teacher

• Barre Teacher

• Pre and Post-Natal Teacher(Barre, Pilates & Reformer)

• Aromatherapy Prescription Postgraduate Training 

• Intensive & Internal Use of Essential Oils Postgraduate Training 

• Clinical Aromatherapy & Massage in Obstetrics 

• Clinical Aromatherapy Approaches in Dermatology 

• Aromatic Medicine 

• Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) 

• Pregnancy, Labour & Post Natal Massage Therapy 

• Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) 

• Clinical Reflexology 

• Facial Reflexology 

• Baby Massage Teacher 

• Herbal Medicine 

• Nutrition 

• Anatomy Physiology 

• Senior First Aid & CPR Certificate (updated regularly) 

• Beauty Therapy 

• Clay Therapy 

• Bach Flower Remedies 

All these accomplishments are a great credit to her dedication and hard work. 

Amongst many other workshops and short courses, with the intention of keeping you safe.

Continuous improvement is very important to me, so I can continue to hold space in the most educated way possible.