1:1 Nourish

*Botanical Aromatherapy Facial
Personalised Oil Blending Consultation
with Facial Therapy………………………..$120 / 90 min

Botanical Aromatherapy Facial takes the senses on a wonderful aromatic journey using some of nature’s most exquisite pure essential oils. Hot towels infused with special aromatic oils, rejuvenating facial cream and soft clay masks combine to create this highly beneficial treatment for all skin types. A deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage including the manipulation of specialised aromatherapy and facial reflexology points completes this unforgettable aromatherapy facial.

Facial Reflexology
Aromatic Medicine blends
Facial lymphatic drainage massage
Aromatherapy Meditation
Aromatherapy Hot compresses
herbal medicine tea

Please allow 1 hour 30 mins for your first treatment with full consultation. The hands-on treatment is 1 hour. Subsequent treatments allow the same but could be less time for the consultation part.

*Aromatherapy Gentle Yoga x Pilates ………………………..$88 / 60 min

One-on-one yoga x pilates session allows you to follow your own pace and deepen your yoga x pilates practice. A free consultation session will be arranged so we can discuss about your personal needs and goals in private yoga. The former one is from your heart, while the latter one is from your brain. Most of the time, we want to do so much. When our body does not allow us to achieve our goals, we feel frustrated. Listening to the body and follow the pace of grace. When we release the body tension and calm our mind, we have energy to cope well with the practical aspects of life. 

Private sessions can be tailored especially if you have injuries or other special requirements. The alignments of yoga x pilates poses will help you avoid further injuries. We will help you build muscles strength, and avoid pressure on the joints.

*Restorative yoga & Aromatherapy Meditation………………………..$88 / 60 min

For those who needs some relaxation during the week… We start the session with gentle stretches (neck, shoulder and back) for 30 minutes before lying down.  Then you are lying down, aromatherapy designed to calm your nervous system, promote better sleep, and reduce stress. This will be followed by a 30-minute guided meditation and deep relaxation with essential oils and Massage Therapy. A treat for the senses!

Prívate Small Group Classes

2:1 60min $55 pp

3:1 60min $44 pp

4+ 60min $33 pp

*Semi-Private Class is available (with your friends / family) by appointment.  The price varies depending on the number of people. Please feel free to contact me

Please bring your own mat